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About Isabella

isabella lambauer Profile Picture I was born and raised in the mountains of Austria, as the youngest of five children. I had a lot of freedom and developed a yearning to see the world early on. I would sit up high in the trees and image to travel to a faraway land, speaking a different language and being somebody remarkable, somebody to look up to! I had a vivid imagination and even invented my own language. So, I would roam the fields singing songs in my made-up language and forget the whole world around me. As I wasn’t particularly good in school, I thought my dreams would be, well just dreams. But then my best friend went to Australia and I visited her for a month, which changed my entire life. Within 6 months of my trip, I was on my way to the US to live my dream and explore the world.

I was blown away by the possibilities and soon met the love of my life, not knowing that this would change my whole life again. I was still too young and naive and therefore our marriage didn’t last and as I didn’t want to become another statistic-marriage, it took me over a year to accept that divorce was inevitable. Did I want to change = NO, but I realized that I needed to trust myself and take responsibility for my life. This inspired me to work on myself to figure out who I really am and to deal with my inner beliefs and patterns without blaming others for my circumstances.

My failed marriage woke me up from my dream world and allowed me to become more open and authentic. It allowed me to see things as they are and not as I want them to be. It encouraged me to be free again! I was starting to understand myself better and I also grew in a professional manner, from being the employee of somebody for twenty years, to becoming my own boss! I was tired of answering to somebody else but myself and now I control my own freedom and create the life I truly want and deserve. I started to use my intuition and listen to myself first, in order to inspire and uplift myself and therefore do the same for others!

To uplift others to believe in their true value so that they are free to be their best self and
enjoy helping others to do the same.